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Indigo | Spring 2018

Indigo is a color that transcends the Pacific Ocean. It is the color of American denim, but it is also the color of fine Japanese cotton. We love how this color works so well across so many materials and uses. Indigo is a classic, indigo is eternal.

To make Indigo 18, our first limited collection, we turned to Indigo-toned fabrics from a variety of American and Asian sources. The patterns we selected reflect our design sensibility: A blending of modernism and tradition. Our materials include: Japanese denim, several designer Japanese cottons, American-made canvas, and a variety of short-run designs on organic Indian cottons by Cloud 9 Fabrics.

Products available in Indigo 18 include the Runabout, Kit Bag, Yamhill Bag, and Pullman. Because this is a limited collection, total production is capped at 50 cumulative units. In some cases, our materials are so limited that we will never be able to offer them again.


Bungalow | Permanent Collection

The Bungalow Permanent Collection is inspired by the prewar domestic world; by memories of kitchen counters, mixing bowls, and pie plates; by old gardens with tea roses, bearded irises, and wicker lawn furniture.

This collection works a little differently from our limited collections. As a tribute to how we began our company, every product is a one-of-a-kind combination of materials. What unites them all: A combination of reproduction, early 20th century prints, and more contemporary designs that aesthetically harmonized with these vintage patterns.

Products available in the Bungalow Permanent Collection include the Yamhill Bag, Streetcar Bag, and Apron. While production numbers are open ended, the fabrics we choose guarantee that no two will ever be the same.

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