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Products: Simplicity with Sophistication

The Runabout: Introduced 2016

It’s simple, minimal, streamlined.

Get rid of complications.

The Runabout doesn’t promise to reorganize your life. It doesn’t have slots for every electronic device you own (even the ones you plan to own, even the ones you don’t even know the dimensions of yet).

What the Runabout does is protect your laptop. Designed for 13” laptops (from Chromebooks to Macbook Pros), the Runabout will also hold smaller and slimmer laptops without slippage, thanks to its internally stiffened body and interior lining made of 100% felt. Even with the larger machines, there’s still room inside for a journal, some magazines or some paper files, of whatever else you’re taking with you to the café or the board room. Strong elastic bands hold everything together elegantly.


Kit Bag: Introduced 2017

Function and form should be one.

A Dopp bag should be more than a stylish leather display case for toiletries.

The Kit Bag is built to look good while delivering the goods. When closed, it keeps your toothbrush, your shaving things, and other personal items together, all enclosed in a nylon, water-resistant lining. It opens fully as two trays, allowing unrestricted access. With a partial nylon exterior, it is safe from an occasional splash on the vanity counter. And although it was originally designed to handle toiletries, the Kit Bag is suitable for anything from drawing supplies to cocktail tools.


Yamhill Bag: Introduced 2006

Clean design should be easy to clean.

Too many re-usable grocery bags are re-useable in theory only, built of cheap materials that quickly disintegrate.

Our updated Yamhill Bag is designed for a lifetime of market runs. We named this, our ultimate grocery bag, after Portland’s now-gone Yamhill Public Market. Its beautiful exterior fabrics makes it impossible to forget, and it easily folds or rolls to fit into a jacket pocket. Designed around the dimensions of cereal boxes and milk quarts, it is capacious. And if you stuff it a bit too full, and that avocado breaks inside? The interior lining is white nylon, easily wiped clean. (And if that’s not good enough, it’s machine washable, too.) Beautiful, right-sized, cleanable, and durable, the Yamhill Bag is always ready.


Pullman Bag: Introduced 2018

Durability, meet elegance.

Your weekend bag should not be a cluster of zippers and black nylon pockets.

Our Pullman offers clarity and simplicity when you need it most. Whether it’s an escape to the coast, or a business trip to Chicago, it holds just what you need for a 2-4 day journey. And true to its heritage as the first carry-on luggage, the Pullman stands up to rough handling, and fits easily into even the smallest of overhead luggage compartments. Inner linings are water resistant nylon, with one zippered pocket, exteriors are maritime canvas and a flash of contrasting fabric. Handles are our signature tan cotton webbing, and shoulder straps (extra) are made from un-dyed, full grain cowhide.


Custom Work

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Discontinued & Out of Stock Designs

In addition to the above designs, we previously made the following as part of our primary collection. While these designs are not presently in production, the may be available as custom orders.

• Clara's Needlecase
• My Mother's Apron
• Streetcar Bag

The following designs have been superceded by other products, or have been discontinued:

• Anna's Kniting Bag
• Elsie's Project Bag

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